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(Caramel and Soc was not a good idea at the best of times. He loved the taste, but the sugar never did bode well for the rest of the house, even when Soc himself was feeling down. Perhaps especially when he was feeling down, as the switch from quiet stillness and sadness to hyper giggling and bouncing tended to border on mania. 

Caramel and Soc was definitely not the best of ideas in Arizona’s August sun, with thunderstorms driving in all the humidity and scorching heat they could manage before working themselves out. Especially when that caramel was in the form of a giant piece of soft caramel apple candy the size of Soc’s fist. )

*covered in it* *sticky bits are attached to his bangs and the sides of his head where he swiped hair away, around his mouth and on the tip of his nose, both hands and his arms almost up to his elbows, his knees, the edges of his glasses where he’d pushed at them, on his T-shirt and the bib of his shortalls, on the buttons that make up the straps, even on the snaps between his legs, where he’d been trying to re-snap the ones that had come loose when he’d gotten caught on the wagon’s handle…and on the tops of his feet, where bits had dripped as it melted between his fingers.*

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fill out with muse information ;;

                        ABOUT THE MUSE.

General Appearance.  

name: Soc
age: ..15,000 or 4. Whichever don’t make people look at me weird.
date of birth:  December 15
zodiac: Eclipse/…the archer centaur guy? (Sagittarius)
gender: Male
eye colour: Green
hair colour:  White
height: 8’5”/2’5”
scars: Yes
burns: Yes
over weight: No
under weight: …kinna a lot.


colour: Blue, pink, purple
hair colour: …uh…all’a ‘em are pretty?
eye colour: Any that’re not dead-lookin’.
song: ”Lollipop” by Mika
movie: Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too
t.v show: Elom Teru and Kipper.
food: Raspberries
drink: Tex’s breakfast tea
video game: Pokemon
ice cream flavour: …raspberry?

Have you…

had sex: EW
had sex in public: EWWW!
gotten pregnant: No.
kissed a boy: No
kissed a girl: Yes
gotten tattoos: No
gotten piercings: …not intentional ones.
smoked or drank: Not willingly.
had a broken heart: Yes
been in love: Yes
needed surgery: Yes

Are you…

a virgin: Yes.
a cuddler: Yes.
a kisser: For family.
scared easily: Yes
jealous easily: No.
trustworthy: …I…hope so?
dominate: No. 
submissive:  No.
in love: Yes.
single: …no?
in a relationship: yes…sorta…if you mean she’s mine ‘n I’m hers?
considered mean: I don’t think so? *blink*

Random questions.

have you harmed yourself: Yes
thought of suicide: Yes
attempted suicide: Yes
killed someone: …yes
wanted to kill someone: Yes.
who did you kiss last:  …BK.
last text: Z.
drove a car: DID NOT WANNA
have/had a job: Yes.
favourite soda/pop: Not ‘llowed. :/
do drugs: …prescriptions now. Other stuff before.

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Accidental personal injuries are absolutely the worst. “Oh, how did you do that?” “Well, frankly, I’m an idiot.”

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….why’sit dark out?

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Tired of the spinny now. 

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*…* *FLINGS the last of his blocks, knocking his plastic bath boat all the way to his door, spinning it around before the block itself knocks into the door frame and goes still* ………*plops down on his bed and grabs one of his pillows, tucking it against his aching chest and belly as tight as it’ll go, burying his face in it* *very muffled, frustrated screech* … *…deep breath* *just leaving his face buried*

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*yeeeah he’s scowling by now* *sitting with one hand pressed directly over the middle of his chest, and using the other to throw building blocks at some of his other toys, knocking them over and venting frustration with how far and hard he can throw things*

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*bleary look*

*rubbing over his chest and trying hard to stay awake* *frown*